About Bandung Philharmonic


100 Ensembles in 10 Years


  • Transforming communities through orchestral music.
  • Cultural collaboration and diversity through artistic quality.

"In a time where separation and division have become the watchwords of far too much of our world, where our attention tends to be drawn to that which divides us and makes us adversaries - I am deeply honored to be participating in this musical endeavor that celebrates how we work together to create beauty. In an orchestra, we must combine difference and distinction to create musical harmony. By each offering our own unique abilities - while honoring the abilities of others around us - we combine our talents to make music that can change the world. Music is a gift that takes difference and creates consonance; it takes individuality and creates community in a way that beauty and meaning are celebrated. I could not be more thrilled to be playing a role in the new Bandung Philharmonic." Robert Nordling, Bandung Philharmonic Music Director

"With an orchestra, you are building citizens, better citizens for the community." Gustavo Dudamel, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Music is the heart of the soul.

"Music is a force that transcends physical boundaries. How true is the saying, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

We are grateful for the creation of Bandung Philharmonic by young people with a vision to build the nation through the beauty of music.

In Indonesia not much attention has been given to symphonic music. Thus the founding of Bandung Philharmonic, which requires passion, energy, resilience and substantial funding, must be appreciated and supported by us all.

I am proud to know these young people who have made a seminal breakthrough for the nation. I pray that Bandung Philharmonic can achieve renown, become an inspiration for music lovers, and bring pride to the nation.

Let us give a unified support to them, the Indonesian young generation that has taken part in writing history through this great undertaking." Maimunah Natasha, Haggai Indonesia, Director

"Congratulations to the shining stars of the newly formed Bandung Philharmonic! Cultural institutions are essential components of any thriving society and economy; your fellow Indonesians must surely be bursting with pride to have you use your talents to enrich the lives of your countrymen. I wish you the very best in your inaugural season!" Clare Shore, DMA, The Juilliard School

"It is tremendously exciting to hear that the wonderful city of Bandung will be setting up a full-time professional orchestra! I look forward to the inaugural concert of the Bandung Philharmonic.
This will set Bandung apart from the other cities of Indonesia, including Jakarta - all great cities have at least one FULL-TIME professional orchestra and it looks like Bandung will be joining the elite very soon!" Leslie Tan, T'ang Quartet (Singapore)